Thursday, July 11, 2013

Preparing yourself for a Monitoring and Evaluation presentation

Learning the Art of presentation is Key!

A Monitoring and Evaluation person is not just a person who is able to collect, analyze and write a good report, but he/she is somebody who really packages himself in a very positive way. Yes you guessed it right, a Monitoring and Evaluation person should be good at presenting himself at the place of work and at an important workshop. Lets look at these things in detail and see what this really means, you better believe it.

Presentation in the Work Environment

If you are a Monitoring and Evaluation specialist working for any organization in this planet you must realize that you are a very, very important. You see sometimes people may brush aside the need to report results but these days everybody is demanding information, positive good information. There is no one better than you to collect that information. But how should you really package yourself when you are in the work environment.

1) Work Hard; Its obvious....TRUE. But you see working hard doesn't mean exhausting all your energy to the point you can't even have a good nights sleep but all it means is that you should be on top of your game. Make sure you report on time, make sure you are always there to answer technical Monitoring and Evaluation questions and make sure you look smart and think smart....GOT IT!!

2) Be Confident; Confidence begins in the mind and every step you make up and down the hallway at work will show to everyone whether you have what it takes to get the job done. When you feel confident you will automatically do a splendid job in your Monitoring and Evaluation responsibility. Take this advice seriously folks.

Presentation at workshops

When your boss tells you that you are to prepare a presentation on the progress of the project or programme you have to realize that he believes in you absolutely.....OKAY MAYBE THAT'S AN EXAGGERATION. But the point is this, you are the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer and you have an important job to do during that workshop. What is key when presenting findings during a Monitoring and Evaluation workshop?

1) Speak clearly; When speaking to the masses in the workshop make it your point to speak clearly and make sense. Don't let the audience keep guessing about what you said but learn to drive a point home and also learn to adjust your voice projection appropriately. Learn to be analytical and speak analytically.

2) PowerPoint Presentation; Prepare a good neat power point presentation that is visible to everyone. Make sure that it isn't too fancy and the words are the right font size. Allow for questions along the way and respond to question in a convincing way.

3) Do your Home-Work; It is always important to really get to understand your results and Monitoring findings properly. Some people will ask you very tricky questions just to test your intelligence and if you are not prepared you can really be embarrassed with yourself.

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