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Monitoring and Evaluation Blog is all about understanding Monitoring and Evaluation for what it truly is, an effective tool to track progress. As a researcher or implementer of a development project or programme you will realize how important it is to report results. Results to donors is everything and stakeholders alike would like to see whether an intervention has seen any sign of progress or not over the years of implementation. The Monitoring and Evaluation blog is designed to significantly educate project or programme implementers understand the world of Monitoring and Evaluation and put it into effective practice during the project or programme period. There is need for everyone to look at Monitoring and Evaluation as both an internal and external management tool that aids in reporting results.Results people is everything and without it you wont be able to draw significant lessons and then take corrective action.

How is this Blog designed? Well for starters it will give practical examples on how researchers, project or programme staff should approach things when doing an actual monitoring. This blog will discuss some of the many basics of a good and fantastic Monitoring and Evaluation system such as realistic SMART indicators, a properly designed log-frame, a properly designed questionnaire for collecting data and also the people who will actually be collecting this data over time. There is need however to understand that every tool used in  research has their own advantages and disadvantages but let not that be a hindrance to enjoying a satisfying reading because Monitoring and Evaluation is truly fun.Now, some questions that always puzzle project or programme staff is how to select a good sample group? How to create your work plan? How to attribute your activities of a project or programme to the results achieved during your interventions? Key questions like these are certainly questions that need answers to and that's why the Monitoring and Evaluation blog will offer some tips and clues on how to significantly answer some of these interesting the questions.

Conducting Monitoring and Evaluation activities is truly fun and it is no wonder that good results may be achieved through good planning and implementation of the activities on the ground. So, lets just say that you are ready to read the many interesting articles that will be posted on this entertaining blog.


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