Friday, May 24, 2013

Key Project Indicators using Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring Key Project Indicators isn't always easy.

In the world of measuring performance of a programme or project that an organization may be implementing, significantly these days many fail to measure key project indicators effectively and efficiently. Measuring key project indicators in Monitoring and Evaluation is a must and there is no negotiation about it but then what is it these days that significantly makes an organization fail. Well for starters, maybe their project indicators, performance indicators or programme indicators are not SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound). Lets face it when some organizations plan for these indicators they do not do a very brilliant job which significantly makes these project indicators, programme indicators or performance indicators difficult to measure. Now lets look at two important areas in detail that make measuring key project indicators difficult to measure using Monitoring and Evaluation.

Two important reasons why Key project indicators fail

1. Poor Planning; When organizations are developing their various programmes or projects they fail to involve all the important stakeholders that can help come up with an effective programme or project. There are key people whom should never, ever be ignored when formulating a programme or project and these are the targeted beneficiaries, the programme staff, the coordinators of the programme, government institutions, possible partners and service providers. Why is this important, because these are the people who will actually be involved in the implementation of the activities and they are the ones who have the experience. They are the ones who can tell you through their developmental experience whether certain indicators are easy to capture or certain indicators cannot be captured at all. Never leave them out....EVER!!! i find it really difficult to believe that some organizations don't even involve their Monitoring and Evaluation officer in the planning process, would you imagine that?

2. Understanding Indicators; Believe it or not some people don't even know what project indicators are, programme indicators are or what performance indicators are. You may hear them speak about indicators in board rooms, meetings or seminars but when it comes to practice, you can tell that they fully don't understand the meaning of the term. You researchers, indicators are mainly variables that offer you a means to measure change. Now if that is so difficult to understand you are going to see a lot of errors when it comes to measuring developmental change. There is need to fully get to understand how indicators should fit into the outcomes and outputs. That all comes with understanding fully what outcomes and outputs are to the fullest sense.

Key Project Indicators and your Organization.

Many organizations around the world fail to understand how vital it is to report on the actual developmental impact and change that they are bringing to their intended beneficiaries. It is important for organizations to realize how vital it is to invest in a Monitoring and Evaluation team. Sadly, some organizations dont take Monitoring and Evaluation as a priority resulting in more and more gaps in meaningfull information to report to donors. Measuring change with Key Project Indicators using Monitoring and Evaluation should be at the back of the mind of every organization.


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