Sunday, June 2, 2013

Results Based Monitoring and Evaluation, the answers you were looking for

Taking Reporting Results to a whole different level

Results Based Monitoring and Evaluation is all about one important thing folks,....Results. Everybody is talking about it each and everyday because results dear ladies and gentlemen is the key to getting more money to fund these developmental projects or programmes. You see, when it comes to Monitoring and Evaluation there is a real big challenge on what to report on, and to who. Yes people or donors ask for results, but even when you report on those results the way you think they want them you still feel that they aren't really satisfied. That's were results based monitoring and evaluation comes in, you want to use this important methodology to drill the point home. As a person responsible for monitoring and evaluation in the programmes or projects you will soon realize that good planning may not always be enough but also applying good skills and effective use of Results Based Monitoring and Evaluation in their programme or projects. But then what is Results Based Monitoring & Evaluation and how does it help effectively in projects or programmes.

Results Based Monitoring and Evaluation, your World!

Results Based Monitoring and Evaluation is about using Monitoring and Evaluation to achieve better results.  Monitoring and Evaluation should be looked as an as a management tool but in Results Based Management you will realize that your goal is to measure performance. There are several phases in Results Based Management such as selecting SMART indicators, setting targets, analyzing results and Monitoring performance through data collection. When you are practicing results based management in Monitoring and Evaluation your goal is not only to measure the performance of the organization or programme or project, but you are also interested in knowing the overall change that this project or programme is bringing to the target group.Lets briefly understand what all these different phases mean especially to you who is responsible for Monitoring and Evaluation.

1) Selecting SMART indicators: SMART indicators should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound. Now the problem is that even though many programme people including some Monitoring and Evaluation people understand that indicators should be SMART, they still don't produce SMART indicators in their planning...Weird Huh?? However, its never too late to realize the need to do so. If indicators are not SMART, you will see how difficult it is to  perform Results Based Management in the future years.

2) Setting Targets: Most programme planners or project planners usually shy away from setting targets and for obvious reasons though, sometimes its difficult to set realistic targets. But what really are the benefits of doing so? Well for starters it is a better way to make all programme staff work hard towards attaining that long term goal. Also, when you do achieve your target it also exhibits the level of commitment you had throughout the implementation period.

Results Based Monitoring and Evaluation and Reporting

When you finally gather your results and breath a deep sigh of relief, there are two things that you can use your performance data for in your reporting. The first thing is 1) reporting to external stakeholders and 2) using the performance information to improve the internal management process and thus improve implementation. When reporting to external stakeholders you are trying to convince stakeholders that your programme or project achieved significant results. You have to convince people that your programme did actually achieve something and this can only be obtained if you do a proper Monitoring and Evaluation. in Results Based Management you can actually use it to improve the performance of your own organization.

Reporting significant results is a must and don't ever shy away as you take Results Based Monitoring and Evaluation to a whole different level. Ta Ta!!!


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